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Tango Class Chicago at studiot

Tango Class Chicago at studio



Tango Sentido Production dba Tango In Chicago offers  instructruction of an authentic Argentine Tango as danced in Buenos Aires

I, as co-founder, have spent more than a dozen years learning authentic tango from the best Argentine tango masters in Buenos Aires and abroad. My ten years of teaching experience has produced from good to great tango dancers who became great performers and teachers as well.

These tango classes will teach you not only how to dance but the history and culture of Argentine tango, such as: codes and ethics of the dance, etiquette at milonga, how to invite women to dance, how women can accept the invitation to dance, etc.

Mariana_Lopez_teaching_at_Tango_Sentido_School_in_Chicago_with_Dany_NovakovichIf you have the desire, passion and determination, please join Tango In Chicago lessons next session with Dany Novakovich. We host classes in a fun and friendly atmosphere!

The classes are located in a beautiful dance studio. Everything that a ballroom dance floor and dance instructor should have is on site- hardwood floors, full length mirrors to see tango dance form and state of art sound systems.

Beginning Level Argentine tango lessons  are in six week session increments, once a week. Tango dance is a very unique and a very cultural dance born in Buenos Aires and Uruguay.  Tango dancing  was first seen in the  late 1800s when African slaves performed tribal and ritual dance on the streets of Buenos Aires. They danced to raise money for their freedom, while waiting to be sold to the  highest bidder. Their dance steps were accompanied with music from the drums which they called candombe.

Argentine tango dancing started gaining popularity in early 20th century and today Argentine tango is danced worldwide. Argentine Tango students can attend tango workshops all over the world and dance at milongas, the social gathering of Argentine tango.

Argentine tango lessons are given at the Drucker center dance studio as part of Menomonee Club For Boys and Girls. This tango dance studio is located just a few minutes from downtown Chicago. You can take public transportation or if you drive dance the studio has a FREE parking lot for all tango students.

Chicago tango classes enhance our quality of life due to its great impact on socializing, networking, and keeping us active after a long day in the office. It is especially important for senior citizens because tango lessons with lively tango music help with movement, musicality, and brain-body communication and function as well.

The three most important things to remember and continue with: tango dance lessons, practice/practicas and attending and enjoying milongas. Please visit Tango In Chicago as part of Tango Sentido Production to get involved, have fun, and learn to dance!

Sincerely yours,
Dany Novakovich
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